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Why Facebook Business Owners Need to Boost Posts

The land of digital marketing consultancy is defined by one over-arching attitude: what have you done for me lately?

This is not a rhetorical question, as the undulations of search behaviour and brand development are always in a state of flux. In the world of Facebook, it can seem like generating interest is quite the challenge. With Facebook recently changing the landscape of organic search to make it more curated (and thus exclusive), businesses need to work harder and spend more money to get the same results as before.

Here is an example to illustrate the point:

Let’s say your business page on Facebook has been chugging along alright for a while now, yet your posts get roughly the same engagement numbers and even your best discount posts are not pulling in many sales.

Let’s assume you decide to post more regularly to drive engagement. The posts you make are informative, funny, and captivating. However, after three months of posting, nothing has changed. Despite your regular efforts to expand your presence, it appears that Facebook is not helping you reach your desired audience.

Rather than get skeptical and turn away from the social media giant, you need to get creative. One of the best ways to do so is start boosting some posts. Boosted (or ‘promoted’) posts are a great way to circumvent the strictly advertisement realm of Facebook, which does exist for you as an option as well.

Why Are Boosted Posts Better Than Ads?

  • More Curatorial Options. Both ads and boosted posts can help you build an organic community that was lost when Facebook began cleaning up the news feed. With boosted posts, you don’t have to pay before seeing results. It is the other way around. That is to say: you can, wait and see which posts are already doing well without any support, and then apply $20 to boost them and maximize the exposure.
  • More Economical. The second major benefit to boosted posts is that you save money in comparison with ads. Partly for the reason explained above, with ads you are sort of throwing money at Facebook to try and get clicks. With boosted posts, you are showing off a spontaneous side of your social media identity without having to spend 3x as much to reach people.

How Do I Reach People with Boosted Posts?

Much like Google AdWords, Facebook now has an intuitive and broad customer targeting software component. You can take a boosted post and select precisely which subsection of your target audience will see it in their feed. For instance, you can look at:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Behaviours
  •  … and more!

Picking an assortment of search widgets means you can really drive traffic in one key area. The software allows you to see an average reach for the selected widgets (it might reach 10,000 women from 18-34 who like to see live music in Sydney, for example). Being able to get specific with your promoted posts
is something new that many business owners have yet to really take advantage of on Facebook.

Develop A Strategy and Keep on Posting

Like with every digital marketing strategy, it helps to have a targeted set of goals with your promoted posts. Tracking the results of your promoted posts is paramount to the success of the operation.

So, what have you done for me lately?

At the end of the day, digital marketing is all about consistency. Working with a digital marketing consultant will go a long way to optimizing your social media presence without you having to worry about those pesky engagement metrics and will allow you to leave the strategies for creating the perfect Facebook posts to the experts.