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Hot Tip; Invite to your LinkedIn Company Page

Here is a hot tip for you; Build your followers on your LinkedIn Company page. Why?  This going to help your content get out to more people, more easily. You should also be posting regular content when you do this, so that anyone you invite, sees fresh new content coming from you, and if it looks interesting and recent, they might accept your share! So here is how: Login to... read more

Headless CMS for Marketing

If you’re thinking about upgrading your website, pause for just a moment to read this. (It’s guaranteed to change your views) There’s a new style of website platform that’s changing the way businesses use their websites for both marketing and operational functions. It’s called a Headless CMS and it’s a great option for organisations experiencing any or all of the following: read more

What’s a Headless CMS & why should you care?

One of the problems with websites is their lack of flexibility. A typical website consists of a template which comes with standard features, plugin options and pages that use the template. It means you may need to compromise on what your website can do and how it dovetails into your other business systems. read more

The Fundamentals of SEO

Everyone business owner knows they need SEO, but not everyone knows exactly what it means. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the concept of refining and shaping your digital content to appear higher in specific Google searches. Having a strong SEO strategy results in more users interested in your content actually seeing your content, which means higher sales and... read more

How to Implement Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) has grown to become big business in the world of digital advertising.  Owning 71% of the market share as well as being seen by 95% of all internet users means that any company with serious plans to advertise digitally should consider Google Ads. read more

Essential Features of a Quality Website

A business that doesn’t have a strong website is likely not a very strong business. From major corporations to small local businesses, having a solid digital presence is important not only to show that the business exists, but to present its best foot forward to potential customers and clients. read more

Common Social Advertising Mistakes

There’s a pretty good chance that your business is already using social marketing in some shape or form. From running a contest on the company Facebook page to sharing images of new developments on Instagram, the goal of social marketing is to share content and engage customers on the platforms they use every day. read more

The Importance of Websites that Convert Visitors to Customers

Working with an online marketing consultant will help your business make the transition from a site that draws high traffic to a site that pulls excellent conversion rates. read more

The Must Know on Landing Pages

Before you click away from this article, thinking you don’t want to hear someone else telling you about having to integrate another important component into your website, give this some thought: what if we told you that landing pages are the difference between all the money you spend on Google ads getting you nothing, and the ads allowing you to get leads for half or one-third... read more

Why Small Businesses Need Local SEO

When it comes to excelling at SEO, it can seem like a full-time job to keep up with the changing algorithms of online platforms and the latest trends in digital marketing campaigns. This is especially true when you are a small business, targeting a smaller market and with an inevitably smaller online presence. And while it may be easy to assume that you don’t have much chance... read more