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Hot Tip; Invite to your LinkedIn Company Page

Here is a hot tip for you; Build your followers on your LinkedIn Company page.

Why?  This going to help your content get out to more people, more easily.

You should also be posting regular content when you do this, so that anyone you invite, sees fresh new content coming from you, and if it looks interesting and recent, they might accept your share!

So here is how:

  1. Login to LinkedIn on your Desktop (this is not available from the Mobile App.)
  2. From your profile, visit your company page. (You’ll need to be an Admin of the page)
  3. On the right side, Click ‘Invite connections.’

Start by selecting people close to you who are more likely to follow your company.

You can have 100 pending invitations per month. This means, If you invite 100 people and only 10 accept today, then tomorrow you’ll be able to invite 10 more people.

Advanced tip; re-share and comment on the company content via your personal login. Obviously mix this up where you can, don’t just share everything.

While you are there, visit (and follow)