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Common Social Advertising Mistakes

There’s a pretty good chance that your business is already using social marketing in some shape or form. From running a contest on the company Facebook page to sharing images of new developments on Instagram, the goal of social marketing is to share content and engage customers on the platforms they use every day.

Social advertising takes this to the next level via paid advertising on the different social media platforms. However, the moment this type of investment is involved, the stakes suddenly become a lot higher.

Here are some of the common mistakes people make with social advertising, and ways to avoid them.

Treating ads as a one-size-fits-all package

When companies start on social media, it’s common to activate your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other pages all at the same time. This isn’t necessarily the best path to follow when it comes to advertising, though. For one, each platform requires its own approach to ads. The size and specs for traditional Facebook ads are different than an Instagram ad, for example.

Not customising your ads for each platform and creating one general ad means you may have something that looks good on one platform, but not so much on another one.

Stretching too thin

In the same vein, don’t feel that you need to advertise on every platform all at once. This will stretch most ad budgets, and the fact of the matter is that your target demographic probably favors one platform over the other. Look at some of your data to see what platform is the best to put most of your money into.


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, but clickbait as an ad form is dead when it comes to social advertising. For one thing, social media audiences are a lot smarter than they were a few years ago, and because of the proliferation of clickbait, we’re getting to a point where platforms like Facebook are actively penalising the practice. In general, clickbait will not gain you valuable, long-time consumers, so you’re better off leaving it.

Missing a call to action

Social advertising is a key part of the sales funnel for many companies, but just like other forms of digital advertising, the funnel can stop before it even starts if you don’t have a proper call to action, the direction for the user to take the next step towards a conversion. Depending on your ad, this can be as simple as a click to your landing page or a CTA asking them to make a purchase at your retail location.

In all cases, make sure the call to action is prominent in your ad.

Not collecting data

Modern advertising goes hand and hand with collecting and maintaining data.
Having data to refer to is the difference between a hunch and a properly measured decision. When you put together your social advertising campaign, you want to have a system in place to collect and organise ad data. In addition, this system will help a lot when you want to test out different measures
down the line.

Social advertising pitfalls like the above happen all too often, and mastering the strategy can bring major results for your business. In some cases, what you need is professional help. If you are ready to take your campaign to the next level, contact One Orange Cow. We can help you craft a new social advertising campaign or tweak your existing one for the best possible business results.