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Be consistent and you’ll boost your sales!

There are dozens of ways to communicate with existing and potential customers – online, offline and in person. This makes it extremely difficult to ensure you are delivering a consistent message across all touch points. And yet, consistency is the key to developing trust in your business. You need to earn the trust of your target market before your sales will really start to flourish and repeat customers become your norm.

So is your business delivering a consistent message?

Brand Identity

If first impressions are important, then how does your business look? Think about large successful brands such as McDonald’s, Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola. They all have strict identity guidelines that are adhered to across all customer touch points. As a result, when we see their logo we know:

  • Who they are
  • What they do and
  • How we feel about the brand

But having a strong brand identity shouldn’t be confined to large, multi-nationals. Instead, follow their example by ensuring every piece of your marketing collateral looks consistent with the image you wish to convey.

Service promise

Are you clear about how you help your customers? The answer goes beyond the product or service you provide. It’s about how you make your target market’s life easier, safer or better.

Limit your service promise to 2 – 3 key messages that give potential customers a clear understanding of what you do and how you can help them. Ensure these key messages are integrated across all marketing collateral – including your website and social media sites, direct mail, stationery, email signatures, on-hold phone messages etc.

With a consistent and easy to understand message, you will:

  • Build trust with potential customers
  • Attract your target market
  • Create your own market niche
  • Develop a well-defined service promise

Service delivery

Consistency is not just about how your business looks and the promises it makes. Consistency means delivering on your service promise which includes how your staff interact with potential and existing clients, as well as your internal structures.

Many of us have experienced calling an organisation who keeps us on hold while a recorded message tells us “Your call is important to us …” After hearing this message a couple of times, it simply doesn’t sound sincere!

Every dealing with potential, new or existing customers must be consistent with your service promise. When you fall short of this, you begin to undermine all of your efforts in developing your brand identity and your service promise.

Improving consistency

For help in boosting your sales by creating a consistent message across all client touch points, talk to Brendan at One Orange Cow. Call Brendan on 0410 630 560 or email us now.