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The end of one Era, Start of a new

In some rather shocking news, Adobe announced this week that they will discontinue the service of Business Catalyst on 26th March 2020 2021.

This means that we must migrate all our clients sites to a new service within that timeframe.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.   I have heard there is something like 77,000 sites on Adobe Business Catalyst.

They all have to move.

After the initial shock and frustration, I have spent a large part of the last few days reviewing our options and considering what my recommendations are
to each of my clients.

Firstly, don't panic. :-)

My research has uncovered several applications that will allow us to easily migrate most sites to one of several hosting options. We will even be looking for ways that will make the new admin area 'familiar' to you, so that the learning curve will be kept to a minimum. Most simple sites, once the migration tools are working, should take about 1-days work time to affect the change.

If you are one of our clients, on our 'Easy Website Manager' hosting platform, please know that we will be in touch in due course to migrate your site. Nothing changes today and the first of our sites will probably start in June.

If you are still concerned, read on;

Some of the key components that I have taken in to account are listed below:

  • What can we do to mitigate the risk of this happening again?
  • Can I take this as a chance to improve my clients web presence?
  • Business Catalyst technology is more than 10 years old, where is the web headed, and can we take advantage of this?
  • When we move, how can we ensure you keep all your client history?
  • If you are using all the of features in Business Catalyst, it is really cheap, how can we offer similar value going forward?
  • Should we manage our own servers, and package up open-source software?

I am not going to answer these questions here, but what I want to show is that you can be assured that we are not going to jump at the first thing that comes along, and we are thinking about the bigger opportunity that this change produces for you, and therefore, us.

Here's to change, may it force us all to keep growing.

Brendan Byrne


More FAQ's about the Business Catalyst End Of Life Announcement

When will the Business Catalyst End of Life take effect?

On March 26th, 2020 2021.

Will data be available for download beyond the service end date?

All Data will be deleted on March 26th 2020 2021. We will be migrating our service well before this date.

I need help downloading my data. Whom can I contact for help?

Contact Us.

What will this cost me?

This will depend on the complexity of your site. We are working with some teams that are developing automated tools, that should keep this price down.

How long do I have to export my data?

All Business Catalyst servers will be taken down on March 26th, 2020 2021, after which all customer data will be deleted. Please export your data before March 26th, 2020 2021.

How long will you keep my data? What will you do with it?

Adobe will retain your data until March 26th, 2020 2021 or until you delete your site, whichever is sooner, so that you can transition to another product.

Do you recommend another product for me to use?

We have several products currently under review. There it is likely that we will have several options depending on your needs and budget.

Will new features be developed on Business Catalyst?

Adobe will no longer be developing on Business Catalyst. They are maintaining a small team to correct critical issues, but no new work is being done. The Business Catalyst team will maintain the PCI and GDPR compliance throughout the lifetime of the product and develop any new features needed in this respect.

One Orange Cow can continue to develop on Business Catalyst and can add any features that use the existing frameworks.

Will Adobe still fix the bugs in Business Catalyst?

They will continue to repair critical issues (related to security, payments or customer data for example) when they appear, however, the work will be limited to bugs that have a high security or high stability risk. We will not be fixing minor items with small impact or that have a workaround which can be used.

Will my site be closed down?

At this time, all sites will continue to be live and the public will see no difference in your site. However, starting with March 26th, 2020 2021, all sites will no longer be live, they will not be accessible either to the general public, or to the site administrators.

Can I upgrade my trial site to paid?

You can continue upgrading trial sites to paid until June 18th, 2018, but the data from these sites, as well as from any other site in your portfolio needs to be removed from the platform before March 26th, 2020 2021.

Can I downgrade my site or make any other plan changes?

Yes, you can continue making any changes to your site plan and extras until March 26th, 2020 2021.

Can I still purchase extras?

You can continue purchasing extras until March 26th, 2020 2021. Please note that all extras expire on March 26th, 2020 2021 and can no longer be used after that date.

Can I continue sending newsletters?

The e-mail marketing features will continue to work for the duration of your site. You can continue sending emails until March 26th, 2020 2021 at which point all newsletter credits remaining in your account will expire.

Can I extend the validity of my extras beyond March 26th, 2020 2021?

No, the validity date for your extras can no longer be extended. All extras not used until March 26th 2020 2021 will be forfeited.